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  • sunsetchai

  • Tom Hanks Seeking Spiritual Meg Ryan ...
  • 56 years old | West Los Angeles, California

  • ocrobt
  • 69 years old | Abbott, California

  • dragonsreborn
  • 38 years old | Oxnard, California

  • lovingyou101t
  • 51 years old | San Diego, California

  • fertileground
  • The Fertile Ground
    The Fertile Ground Been healthy all my life. Athlete who loves the outdoors and eats to stay fit for all activities. Very well educated and well read. Favorite subjects are mind and body health. Not religious and lean towards understanding the inner life as well as the outer life of balance. ...
  • 66 years old | Ontario, California

  • alphawon

  • Here to learn Here to learn ...
  • 54 years old | Encinitas, California

  • letsxplore2

  • A Great Salad with everything in it. I'm not a vegetarian nor do I want to be but I love all my veggies raw, don't even care for them cooked in any way, and like fruit much better unadulterated without all the junk they put on and in fruit's and veggies, so I guess you could call me a purist, have you heard of the Artic Apple that doesn't bruise or go brown when cut, God only knows what these GM... ...
  • 63 years old | Sacramento, California

  • destinationraw
  • Destination Raw
    Destination Raw Been vegan for over 3 years and about 50-75% raw. Striving to be fully raw... could use some help. Any advice? ...
  • 33 years old | San Jose, California

  • stanleecee

  • Raw = Live So, I'm looking to learn more about raw food living. ...
  • 64 years old | Oxnard Beach, California

  • redroadfourlyfe

  • Health I have just started eating raw foods and I really like the health aspect that it provides. Raw/Organic NGO is the way to go. ...
  • 54 years old | Northridge, California